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Best Outback granny flat ideas

Are you trying to build a granny flat but don’t know where to begin? In this article, we share some of the greatest ideas that you can explore to build an outback granny flat for your home.

Whether you are using a granny flat to store tools, as a home study, or just an extra room where your children and their mates can play games, a granny flat can be a great idea.  

If you want to build the best granny flat, there are certain things that you should get right. These are some of them:

  • Every granny flat should have a strong structure.
  • Every granny flat should have a plan.
  • Every granny flat should have an excellent roof.
  • Every granny flat should be built by a professional.

What are Outback granny flats?

“What are Outback granny flats” is such a valid question every homeowner who needs a backyard shack should be asking.

Outback granny flats have many names. Some people call them an accessory dwelling unit, others call them a backyard apartment, a backyard shack, and many other names. As most granny flats are usually located at the back of the main house, homeowners tend to rent them out to young couples who are saving to buy a house or to put in an elderly person, or even recent graduates who are job hunting.

You can either build a granny flat as a standalone structure or attach it to your home. Alternatively, you can convert a garage or basement into a granny flat, too.

Types Of Granny flats you Should Know

1. Standalone structure 

You may ask, can granny flat be detached? Yes! If there is enough space in your backyard, then a detached structure can be an ideal option. When you build this type of dwelling unit, you will know that it will be completely separate from it, which will give you some privacy. You can build it to have its own kitchenette, bedroom, and living area. You can also have more than just one bedroom. Some detached granny flats also have a porch or verandah where tenants can stand and just take in the beauty of nature.

2. Attached structure 

You can go for this type of granny flat if your yard is not spacious enough to accommodate a standalone structure. The best way to go about designing an attached granny flat is by converting your garage, basement, or other rooms into a granny flat. The advantage of having an attached granny flat is that it is cost-effective, and doesn’t take long to set up. Before building, it is advisable to check your local zoning regulations, as some municipalities don’t allow attachments to the main property. 

3. Internal structure 

This is another option that you should consider. This kind of granny flat involves turning a certain portion of your house into a granny flat. For instance, you may convert your master bedroom into a granny flat and have a separate door, bathroom, living room, and so on.

 It works perfectly well if you don’t have enough backyard space to build a standalone granny flat. This kind of granny flat is also ideal for people living with disabilities, the elderly suffering from dementia, and other forms of illnesses. This way, those people would be safe, while still being taken care of by other members of the family.

4. An L-shape structure 

You can also consider going for an L-shaped layout. In most cases, this type of granny flat comes with a skillion roof, which makes it unique. Also, you will still have more space to accommodate items such as musical instruments and gaming consoles. 

What You Should Consider For Your Granny Flat 

There are certain factors that you need to take into account when setting up a granny. We explore some below: 

Choose a perfect style 

Finding a perfect style for your granny’s flat is one of the first things you should do. You need to decide if you want it to look like a cabin, to have a contemporary design, or to reflect youthfulness, fun, and warmth. If you don’t want to go wrong, simply find a professional to help you out.

Select the right patterns 

The second thing that makes a granny flat stand out is its textures and patterns. Get them wrong and you have yourself a terrible granny flat. Nail them, then you will have the kind of granny flat that everyone loves. The latter is what every homeowner should aim for. Remember, the patterns must not clash with the architectural design of your home. For instance, if your house is painted pink, your pattern should use the same color.

If you are still asking what are Outback granny flats question, reach out to us today. We would love to hear from you.   


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