Our Guarantees

Guarantees that we stand by

We stand by all of the guarantees below to ensure all of our clients are completely satisfied throughout the building process. After all building is meant to be exciting and progressive.

Structural Build Guarantee

Gives you piece of mind when engaging us as your chosen builder knowing that we provide our clients with a 7 year structural guarantee. Inspira Build has a strong commitment to excellence in design, construction, quality and customer care we only use the best manufactures which provide us with some of the best warranties including up to 25 years on timber and steel frame work.

Communication Guarantee

As you may have heard or experienced first hand, it is common for builders to
be very proactive before you sign your contract, then be really hard to get hold of afterwards. That is why we have introduced a communication guarantee! You will receive a formal update on your project each week once your contract is signed. This update will inform you of what happened throughout the previous week, and what is planned for the coming week. This way you can be assured you’ll always know what is happening with your build journey.

Fixed Home Build Price Guarantee Perth

There is no doubt that a big concern when selecting a builder is the price changing. Builders are well known for dropping their price to get you interested,
then increasing the price significantly once you have committed to them.
This isn’t us, and to back it up we have a fixed price guarantee. Meaning once the price is set and agreed upon, it won’t change. Unless the client makes any changes outside the contract.

Build Quality Guarantee

By far the biggest concern most people have when selecting a builder is the quality of house the builder provides. Our quality guarantee is in place to put your concern at rest. We do this by having a pre handover inspection with you and anyone you’d like to attend. At this meeting we walk through the build completely noting any defects. All agreed defects will be completely fixed before handing over the keys and reaching completion.

Local Home Builder

The builder will be with you through the whole building process right from the first point of contact to well past the completion of the project. This means you will not be handed over to another person for different stages of the build assuring there is no lost communication between parties involved.


Im sure you’ve heard of all the horror stories in the building industry!!
We guarantee this will not be a concern when you engage us as your chosen builder. This also goes hand in hand with our communication guarantee.


Means a business agreement between a client and a contractor for the contractor
to perform all of their obligations under the contract as per the contract. That is our commitment to you the client to rest assure this will be done!