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Best Outback granny flat ideas

Are you trying to build a granny flat but don’t know where to begin? In this article, we share some of the greatest ideas that you can explore to build an outback granny flat for your home. Whether you are using a granny flat to store tools, as a home study, or just an extra room […]

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Dutch hip roof style ideas

A Dutch hip roof brings with it aspects of style and practicality that most other roof designs don’t offer. Using this particular roof in a backyard shed, a livable shed or a granny flat is both aesthetically pleasing and practical. This type of roof ticks a lot of boxes. What is a Dutch hip roof? […]

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Scyon walling and flooring

Introduction Are you building and want to create a particular look for the exterior? Or lay a new floor? Or do you want to change the look of a room in our home? Scyon flooring and walling are the perfect way to go. What are Scyon walls and floors? Scyon produces walling and flooring panels […]

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Backyard Shacks building ideas

Building a backyard shack is one of the cost-effective ways of extending your property. Whether you want to build a granny flat, a backyard shed for your tools, or extend your house; backyard shacks are something to consider. What’s great about backyard shacks is that they are quick and easy to build. Apart from that, you […]

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Industrial Sheds

Industrial Shed Manufacturers

Industrial shed manufacturers One of the key factors in construction is buying the right construction materials for the project. If you buy good quality materials, you can be assured of building a strong structure. However, if your building materials are not good quality, you risk constructing a structure that might collapse on you or get […]

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Residential Sheds Perth

Transportable building design ideas

There are many reasons why you should get a mobile home.  Portable homes have the advantage of being movable. This helps you in case you could move to a different location, as you do not have to demolish or lose some materials as you move. Portable homes are also easier to move around if you […]

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Simple vehicle shed design for home

Having a vehicle shed at home is essential to the vehicle’s maintenance. The shed could protect the vehicle from harsh weather and also increase the security of your car. You may be in a dilemma trying to figure out how to design a vehicle shed for your home, what factors to consider, and the few […]

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Where can you design Commercial sheds in perth

Architects can design their own homes and sheds, but if you never studied architecture, you might want to hire one of the industrial shed building services in Perth to design and build to your specifications. Many building services, including Inspira Build, feature their existing designs so you can choose one of them or obtain ideas […]

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What are benefits of steel framed construction

You might think of steel framed construction as something only used in commercial and industrial buildings, but residential steel frame construction can serve you well, too. You’ll enjoy fourteen benefits to steel frame construction that might surprise you whether you use it in a granny or mother-in-law’s house or your new workshop. You’ll obtain a […]

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Checklist for designing a new home

So, it’s finally that time. You are getting a new home. What’s the cherry atop your sundae? You get to design it, as well. A lot goes into designing a new home. What are the requirements for building a home? Do you need a new home construction checklist? What should you consider when designing a new […]