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What are the benefits of Portable buildings

A portable building is a demountable, portable, and transportable housing structure made intending to be mobile, not permanently fixed to one location. Also known as prefabricated buildings, portable buildings are assembled off-site. After purchase, the building is disassembled and delivered on-site as a kit, assembled again into a building. If you ever feel like moving […]

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A Guide to making a residential shed

A shed is a small outbuilding that has nearly unlimited uses. From garden storage to extra garage space, from a rustic guest room to a hobby area, a residential shed’s use is whatever you need it to be. If you are deliberating about building your own residential shed, here are some tips about how to build […]

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Granny flat design floor plans

A Granny Flat Can Be The Coziest Home With The Best Granny Flat Plans If you are looking for the best granny flat plans ideas and inspiration, check out our options. We have a variety of quality Granny Flat plans to help make your home an oasis for the extended family without breaking the bank […]

7 Things You Must Know Before Signing A Building Contract

Going through the process of designing your new home, selecting all the fittings and fixtures and then watching it start to rise out of the ground should be an exciting time in anyone’s life. Select the right builder and it will be a pleasurable experience, choose the wrong builder and it can be a heartbreaking […]

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Weathertex Building Product Portfolio

Weathertex Product Portfolio

When you purchase Weathertex you are buying from an ethically sound company that supports local jobs and our environment, all the while creating a brilliant product we believe in. Now that’s something to get behind… naturally. Continue reading the full article in PDF

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Understanding Septic Tank Systems

Sewage and effluent can contain a variety of human disease-causing microorganisms and parasites. Disease can be spread to humans from this material by direct contact or indirectly by consumption of contaminated food or water. The safe disposal of sewage and effluent is therefore essential to protect the health of the community. Continue reading the full […]

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Scyon Walls & Floors

Explore modern architectural designs and interesting wall styles in fashionable paint colours. Download full brochure in PDF

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Consumers Guide To Builders Jargon

Builders can be intimidating with the amount of industry jargon and acronyms they use on a daily basis. We all do it. In all of our different industries, there are certain terms you just know and use. But how are you going to know exactly what’s going on with your new home? If you don’t […]

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Bushfire Regulations and Your Property

New legislation in April 2016 resulted in a dramatic change to Bushfire Regulations for Western Australia and introduced Bushfire Prone Mapping. This guide has been developed for the building industry, real estate agents and those interested in building their own home. We hope it will help you understand these new guidelines. Continue reading the full […]