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Checklist for designing a new home

So, it’s finally that time. You are getting a new home. What’s the cherry atop your sundae? You get to design it, as well. A lot goes into designing a new home. What are the requirements for building a home? Do you need a new home construction checklist? What should you consider when designing a new home? Would you like a Checklist for Designing a New Home? Here is the checklist you need to design and build your dream home.

Basic Before Design Checklist

What are the requirements for building a home? Well, before you even get started, there are a couple of things you need to consider.


Some are on a very tight budget, and others, quite a sizable one, but your budget is a huge factor to consider before you begin making any new home decisions. 


How long do you have to work on this build, an unlimited amount of time, 2 months? This is also a big consideration.


There is more to picking the ultimate spot for building your home than just deciding what looks beautiful. How much distance do you want between you and your neighbors? Is the property flat or steep? Is there access to city water? Is the site’s groundwater wet or dry? What about the access road — is it steep? This will all affect the price.

New Home Design Checklist

It’s such a blessing to get to design your own home, and here is your checklist for doing just that.


How many square feet do you want? Do you want something like a tiny house, or do you want a huge place with room for the kids, the dogs, and your crafting room?


What type of layout would fit your family — entirely ground level, two-story, maybe split-level?


Do you want your kitchen private from other rooms in the house? Do you want a 2-car or 3-car garage? Do you cook for several guests and need an island with a sink in your kitchen?


How many rooms do you want? Do you want 3 or 4 bedrooms? Do you want an art room, media room, laundry room, or walk-in pantry, maybe a separate den for the adults to escape from the kids and their video games?


Will you want a screened-in porch or covered patio? Do you desire an ensuite primary bathroom? Do you desire fine stone in the bathrooms or kitchen? 


Will your home be a Queenslander, or will it be a Tudor, or maybe a Rustic Gothic or Georgian Revival?


Do you want your neighbors to see you when you’re vulnerable? If you are going to have a covered patio, screened porch, or the like, do you want to be able to go out in your robe or bathing suit? How much privacy do you want from your neighbors?


Do you want a rectangular, square, or circular home? It matters. Circular homes cost much more than traditional rectangular or square homes.


Do you want a flat, skillion, curved, or peaked (gabled) roof, or would you prefer something more like a butterfly or hipped roof?


Do you prefer green energy? Would you like solar panels?

Home Design Hints and Tips


Make sure each room has ample natural light. You can always use blackout curtains for those few times when you want it dark, but you can never manufacture natural light.


Consider your storage needs. A walk-in pantry may be ample space for your dry food, but have you designed plenty of space for your dishes, linens, etcetera?


Comfort in a home is paramount, else why did you build it in the first place? Make sure you have chosen an HVAC system powerful enough to heat and cool your home thoroughly.


Choose high-quality materials, as it will matter years down the road. Quality materials are normally built to last and will last quite a bit longer than their cheap counterparts.


Prepare for contingencies! Unexpected expenses will pop up. Plan for this, and it won’t catch you by surprise and leave you in a bad way.

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