Granny Flats Western Australia

Granny Flats Perth, Western Australia

At Inspira Build we love to build Granny Flats and have many designs already available to go including the Back Yard Shack Range from Ranbuild.  These can be supplied as a kit or built to turn key these are constructed of steel frame and colorbond cladding with many different roof styles to suit your needs the pre plan designs come as is which keeps the price down.

We also have a range of already pre designed plans which can be built from Double brick , brick veneer, timber frame or steel frame even SIPS panels giving you the flexibility you deserve if any of these designs are not what your looking for talk to us where happy to custom design at no extra cost we have a in house design team which can turn around your new plans in a matter of days.

Feel free to view our range of Granny Flats and if you have any questions please feel free to contact us we would love to hear about your thoughts and what you would like to do.

Pre-planned Designs


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Professional Granny Flat Builders in Perth

At Inspira Build, we are professional Granny flat specialists in Perth. We have pre-designed granny-flat plans but can also custom-make your plan to suit your individual needs. We have a highly skilled team of builders who have vast experience in the industry. 

Recently, modern housing demands have made people get more creative so as to maximize space and profits. Building granny flats is one of the trends property owners have adopted as it comes with several benefits.

Is Building a Granny Flat Worthy?

Have you been thinking of building a granny flat but wondering whether it’s worth it or not? Here are the top benefits of having one.

It Can Give You Extra Income

Earning extra income is one of the reasons why people build the best granny flats. You can get extra income from your granny flat by letting it out. This is especially common for people who are trying to make it easy to pay their house mortgage. At Inspira Build, we can build a good granny flat that attracts tenants and help you get extra income.

It Adds Property Value

There are several ways of adding value to your property, building a granny flat being one of them. Adding more value to your property is especially crucial when you want to sell it, as it makes it easy to get a buyer and sell it at a good price. Any time you are selling property, buyers will consider all the benefits it comes with. A granny flat is considered as an additional structure valuable to the buyer.

It Keeps Families Together

Homes for the elderly are very common. Although they provide care to elder people, they might not be the best since many people desire to be with their family in their older days. With a granny flat, you can comfortably accommodate your elderly loved ones next to your home and be with them during their old age. It also gives them the privacy they need. 

Granny flat specialists in Perth from Inspira Build will build for you a nice and comfortable granny flat where your elderly loved ones can live and spend their later years close to you. We ensure that it is safe and caters to their individual needs, especially if they have health conditions like mobility issues.

It Can Be Used for Other Purposes

The best granny flats can be used for other purposes, not just for renting or accommodating your elderly loved one. For example, you can make it a home office where you can work without disturbances from people in the main house. You can also make it a guest house where your friends or family can stay without feeling like they are interfering with your privacy in the main house. The idea here is to make it useful.

A granny flat allows you to have extra space where you can host people, rent it out or use it for other purposes such as a home office. It also increases the value of your home.

At Inspira Build, we are experts at building the best granny flats. We have worked with several customers before and made sure they got satisfying results. Our granny flat specialists in Perth will build the flat in your desired design, or if you don’t have any idea, we can recommend a few designs and let you choose one that you like. Call 0418 905 971 to talk to one of our specialists.