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Simple vehicle shed design for home

Having a vehicle shed at home is essential to the vehicle’s maintenance. The shed could protect the vehicle from harsh weather and also increase the security of your car. You may be in a dilemma trying to figure out how to design a vehicle shed for your home, what factors to consider, and the few steps to follow to complete the design. In this post, we will simplify the whole process for you. Remember, you can always skip this process for professional help if you design your vehicle shed with inspira build.

Simple Vehicle Shed Design for Home

There are a few factors that you can consider when designing your vehicle shed. These may include the size of the garage, the style of the vehicle shed, flooring options, and the choice between a standard design and a customized one. They all holistically contribute to the final look, budget, and functionality of the vehicle shed. Here’s how to design a vehicle shed:

1. Size of the Garage

The size of the vehicle shed typically depends on the available land sizes, vehicle, storage, and open space needs. If the garage is used to store the car, it should be accessible to both you and the car. You should also consider the number of vehicles you plan to keep in the garage. It is also beneficial to plan with the size of your vehicle in mind. Furthermore, do not forget to consider that you may purchase a larger vehicle in the future.

If you plan to store any other things such as vehicle spares, tools, or old car parts in the shed. You may think of having a larger shed space around your vehicle to build storage areas and cupboards. It’s also important to consider the open space that will be available for you to maneuver freely around the shed. You could also factor in the room needed to repair the vehicle or space for wheelchairs or walking frames. More importantly, do not forget the open space allowance to be able to open the car doors.

2. Style of Vehicle Shed

There are many multiple vehicle shed styles available to choose from today. Some are modern, while others are classic. This wholly depends on your preference. Some worth mentioning are the gable roof shed, cyclonic gable roof shed, flat roof shed, and the rural or industrial sheds. 

3. Materials

There are many materials needed to build your vehicle shed, and they vary by cost and type. The frame must be strong as it will hold most components of the vehicle shed. You should also know how rain built vehicle shed are useful. Firstly, Ranbuild steel warranties are backed by BlueScope, which will give you peace of mind when handling warranties. Secondly, it is also easy to recognize the quality of the steel as it has a Bluescope logo. These products include nuts and bolts, ranbuild concrete slabs, columns and rafters, and wall girt and roof purlins

4. Flooring Options

Most vehicle sheds have concrete floors. There are multiple options for floors, including interlocking garage floor tiles, concrete sealers, and epoxy. Your final material choice should be durable, tough, and enhance the aesthetics of your shed.

5. Standard vs. Custom Design

Standard shed designs are good to build, but they may not be unique. Additionally, the shed design may be popular and not meet your desired needs. Understanding how rain built vehicle shed are useful; you may want to avoid purchasing standard vehicle sheds, which may have been made using cheap imported materials that may not last long. This is why you should design your vehicle shed with inspira build as we create custom vehicle shed designs to match your needs. Our lead designer brings over 25 years of experience to your vehicle shed.

Design Your Vehicle Shed With Inspira Build

We are experts in sustainable custom design homes throughout Perth and Western Australia. At Inspira build, we design your vehicle shed to match your needs.  Inspira build can help you get your garage’s exact size, style, shape, and accessory requirements. Our sheds come in a wide variety of designs and colors which can be further customized to suit your needs. Some accessories include roller or sliding doors, skylights, windows, ventilation, open bays, among many other options. 

Furthermore, at Inspira Build, we are a proud accredited dealer of Ranbuild, a massive advantage considering how rain built vehicle shed are useful. We have designed and built a vast range of Ranbuild sheds such as vehicles, boats, and hobby sheds. We also sketch 3D models for you to review and share with friends or family before deciding. Additionally, we also take care of all council requirements so that you don’t worry about anything. Contact us today by calling 0418 905 971 or email us at admin@inspirabuild.com.au 


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