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Transportable building design ideas

There are many reasons why you should get a mobile home.  Portable homes have the advantage of being movable. This helps you in case you could move to a different location, as you do not have to demolish or lose some materials as you move. Portable homes are also easier to move around if you change your mind concerning their location on your piece of land. They have a shorter construction time, and you can get one up and running within no time. They are also cheaper and have a good lifespan. You could save a lot when you use transportable building Services in Australia.

The following are the best Australian portable buildings design ideas:

Plan for the Building First

Before you begin building, it’s important to sit down and plan for most of the details. Set a timeline, and get a design. These factors make the process of building a portable home easier. They help you focus on the work instead of moving forward with no goal in mind. You should also consider the type of materials you will need. Select materials that are durable and resistant to the weather conditions in the portable building’s environment. 

Also, consider how the aesthetics will be at the end of the construction to plan which materials are needed. Another important factor to select is the final location of the portable building. Decide whether you want the building to be visible to outsiders or not. Also, determine how much space you need around the building. 

Another important factor is size. At Inspira Build, we can design and build a transportable building to your specifications and requirements for any area in Western Australia. The following sizes are currently available:

  • 3m x 6m Range
  • 3.4m x 6m Range
  • 3m x 9m Range
  • 3.4m x 9m Range
  • 3m x 12m Range
  • 3.4m x 14m Range


While considering portable buildings design ideas, search for a match-up to your needs. Select a design that will help you achieve the building’s purpose. Consider which extra accessories will be needed in the building. It may also help you if you first explained the intended functionality to reputable transportable building Services in Australia before you purchase a portable building.

Stick to Your Budget

While planning, executing, and completing the agenda of the portable building design idea, ensure you stick to a strict budget. You can allow some room for flexibility. Some portable buildings design ideas may fall far from your intended budget and still fulfill your needs. In such a case, you could go ahead and find the extra cash to supplement. This should, however, be done with the return on investment in mind.

Consult  Professional Before You Begin and During Your Work

It’s essential that you contact a professional builder before you start any work. They may help you make crucial adjustments to your design which will help your building stand strong for long. In case you decide to build the structure yourself, consider your abilities. Also, ensure the tools are available. You can easily avoid a lot of trouble by using known transportable building Services in Australia. 

Select a Type of Portable Shed

There are many portable buildings design ideas available today. It can be beneficial if you use experienced Transportable building Services in Australia with a full package from construction to finishing common Australian portable buildings. Here is a short description of few portable buildings design ideas you can select from:

  • Lofted barn: This design provides ample space for storage. The door is at the width of the design. The roof has a lofted shape.
  • Side lofted barn: Similar to a lofted barn, but the door is found on one long side.
  • Standard barn: Small lofted barn design
  • Garden shed: normal shed design, but the door is located on one shorter side
  • Side garden shed: Similar to a normal garden shed but with a door on one long side.
  • Garage: A garage is used mostly for storing vehicles, with a roll-up door and accessories relevant to a car.
  • Standard cabin: A cabin can be used as a home or storage area
  • Lofted barn cabin: This is a lofted standard cabin
  • Deluxe Lofted Barn Cabin: This design is similar to the lofted barn cabin but has more space and better aesthetics.
  • Cottage Shed: This looks similar to a single-room bungalow.
  • Malibu: This is a popular design for most storage rooms and workshops.
  • Austin Portable Building: The Austin portable building resembles an open trunk of a car. The portable building has a great length and shorter width.

Get a Portable Home Design Today from Inspira Build

Inspira Build is one of the best transportable building Services in Australia. We create excellent Australian portable buildings that match your needs. Our long experience will ensure you get the best portable design. Give us a call on or reach out to us via email on 0418 905 971 or email admin@inspirabuild.com.au 


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