Liveable Sheds - Questions & Answers

Liveable Sheds Perth

Our external design your internal design

Q1: Whats in the Kit?
Everything you need to build the LIVEABLE SHED to lock up.
Engineering required for building permit
All external windows and doors colour choice from Jason Windows standard range,
1 x Glass sliding door 2143hx2100w 3 x glass sliding windows 1200hx1500w
Wall and roof frame
All hardware fixings
Roof and Wall sheeting including all flashings, gutters and down pipes colour choice from the colorbond
Thermal break insulation required between outside of wall frame / roof frame and inside of external cladding
Local delivery (We can arrange delivery outside of the Perth metrapolitin area)
Hardies eaves lining
Flyscreens for all windows and doors

Q2: Ok so whats not in the kit I should be aware of?
Earthworks | Concrete Pad | Plumbing | Electrical | Building Permit | Energy Report | Site Plan | Soil
Test | Feature Survey | Internal Wall frames (unless already included) | Septic Systems | Painting |
Termite Application | Connection to existing septic systems | Internal wall and ceiling insulation | Gyprock
| Internal door frames and doors | Floor coverings | Cabinetry | Any fixtures and fittings | Tiling | Skirting

Q3: Can we get LIVEABLE SHEDS to build it to lock up stage?
Yes for sure please enquire about pricing, by doing it this way you don’t have to apply for owner builders
licence as we are registered builders and can do this for you!

Q4: Can we get LIVEABLE SHEDS to build the complete building to fully built stage?
Yes of course please enquire about pricing

Q5: Do LIVEABLE SHEDS offer a full design service to help us with placement of internal wall
frames and room layouts?
Yes we can provide a in house design service so there is no miscommunication between owner and

Q6. If we just buy the kit will we have ongoing support once we purchase the kit?
Yes of course we can provide support during the construction of the build via phone call or email in
office hours from 9am – 5pm Monday -Friday. Please understand LIVEABLE SHEDS will not be responsible
for any mistakes made by the owner/ builder and will not be liable.

Q7: If I purchased a kit and went owner builder would LIVEABLE SHEDS assist us in leading up to applying for a building permit?
Yes we can supply you with our checklist which will provide a list of steps required to the lead up of the
building permit application.

Q8. If we purchase the kit are they easy to install?
If you have no construction background I would not recommend it as there are many factors that could
lead into a dangerous situation to yourself and perhaps others. If you know any tradesmen that have
knowledge in the steel construction industry then I would say yes these kits go together very well.

Q9: If we purchased a kit and went the owner builder path could LIVEABLE SHEDS provide us
with a list of trades we will require?
Yes you will be provided with a detailed list of trades with contact details we use all the time LIVEABLE
SHEDS will not be liable for any of these trades after this point unless you the owner engage us to do your
build to lockup of fully built stage.

Q10: Are the LIVEABLE SHEDS made from Australian material?
Yes we only use 100% Australian made Bluescope Materail in all our buildings

Q11: What happens with the internal layout of wall frames – bathrooms – kitchens – bedrooms
This part you have the freedom and flexibility to design what you would like inside the building. All
LIVEABLE SHEDS require is a simple sketch layout and we can do the rest! If you prefer, LIVEABLE SHEDS
will sit down with you and help design your ideas.

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