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A Guide For Cleaning Industrial Sheds

Perth and Western Australia is home to some harsh natural elements. Ash and debris from bushfires, intense sun, heavy rains, blustery winds, and salt spray are a part of everyday lives.

Whether you’re using your industrial shed as a living, work, or storage space, your steel building protects you from these harsh elements. While your investment is corrosive-resistant and fairly maintenance-free, it’s important that you care for it regularly.

Why Maintain Your Metal Building?

Metal buildings are more resistant to the elements than most materials. It is, however, no different from any other structure, in that a regular maintenance schedule is important. 

Routine inspections and cleanings protect the integrity of your space and keep it looking good. If you’ve never owned a metal shed before, you’re probably wondering how to maintain the building. To ensure you properly protect your investment, we’ve developed a guide for cleaning industrial sheds. Here’s everything you need to know.

Inspect Regularly

Regular inspection helps uncover any issues that, if left untreated, can lead to more costly repairs. Washing away any debris and salt spray that has built up helps protect the integrity of your space. 

As a rule, inspections should be performed every six months. Areas that are heavily industrialized, have harsher seasons, or are by the coast may need more frequent inspections. 

Recording your findings in a logbook. This will help you develop a maintenance schedule that is right for your region.

Safety First

Before we delve into a guide for cleaning industrial sheds, we need to address safety. When inspecting and cleaning your building, it’s important that you’re aware of your surroundings. 

Thick, protective gloves should be worn when cleaning out debris. Power lines and other potentially dangerous fixtures should be noted. When cleaning areas out of your reach, use a sturdy ladder that’s carefully placed on a flat surface. 

Top Tips for Cleaning an Industrial Buildings

At Inspira Build, we pride ourselves on using the highest quality materials in every project. While we’ve developed a guide for cleaning industrial sheds, we do recommend checking with your retailer or manufacturer for any special care instructions.

High Priority Areas

For the most part, your steel shed is naturally washed by rainwater. When inspecting the structure, take note of any areas that need additional attention. 

Areas not cleaned by natural water include:

  • Top of garage doors
  • Guttering
  • Underside of eaves
  • Wall cladding under the eaves

These areas should be inspected every six months, with increased frequency in areas with harsher elements. 

First, clear away any debris build-up using gloves and a hose. For more difficult build-up, use a soft-bristled brush to sweep away the debris. Once you’ve cleared the area of debris, use a hose to spray down the exposed fascia, guttering, overhangs, water spouts, and overflow locations. Hose the areas down thoroughly. Don’t forget to hose down your tools and equipment, too. 

Stubborn Areas 

While a simple hose-down is sufficient for most areas, you will likely encounter some places that require more attention. Chalking, fungus, and algae tend to build up over time and can be more difficult to remove. 

For these areas, use a mild, non-abrasive soap solution, such as kitchen detergent, and warm water. To apply the solution, use a soft cloth, soft-bristled nylon brush, or sponge. 

We recommend cleaning a small, discreet area first to ensure no damage occurs. Gently apply the solution and rinse the area immediately to remove any traces of your soap solution.

Do’s and Don’ts

It’s important to note that any damage caused by DIY cleaning may not be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty or insurance. For problem spots and areas not addressed in a guide for cleaning industrial sheds, it’s best to contact us or hire a professional cleaning service. 


  • Don’t use solvent or abrasive cleaners such as petrol, paint thinners, turps, or kerosene
  • Don’t use abrasive powders
  • Don’t use steel wool or a metal scraper
  • Don’t use hard groundwater
  • Don’t apply touch-up paint


  • Follow your local government’s water restriction regulations
  • Take safety precautions
  • Follow manufacturer’s recommendations 
  • Clean with the grain
  • Contact a technical specialist for stubborn stains and deposits

If properly cleaned and maintained, your industrial metal building should last for a very long time. Industrial sheds are useful and versatile products that only require limited care and maintenance to provide excellent usability. 


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