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A Guide to making a residential shed

A shed is a small outbuilding that has nearly unlimited uses. From garden storage to extra garage space, from a rustic guest room to a hobby area, a residential shed’s use is whatever you need it to be. If you are deliberating about building your own residential shed, here are some tips about how to build a residential shed

First, Assess The Intended Use of Your Shed

Will your shed always serve the original intended use or do you want the layout to be able to evolve? Many people start with a small shed for lawn mower storage and leave room to evolve to a full workshop. Some have contracted for a small playhouse for their young child with the option to evolve into a teen hang-out then mother-in-law suite or granny flat. The perfect shed is the one that fits all of your needs and should be planned and built with your specific needs in mind for high satisfaction and usefulness through the years of use. 

Second, Address All The Specifics of The Location

It is not uncommon for a homeowner to be so eager to build their shed that they are blinded to the full repercussions of the location of the building. Consider and address things like sunset views, tree lines, where the door opens to, roadside views, privacy, access, and more. This can save you a lot of hassle and regret in the long run. 

Third, Do A Materials List and Price Guide

Many people wonder how much it cost to make a shed. The answer depends on many factors. The exterior material choices will be a big impact, obviously, wood, steel, and block all have different price points. Also, many people choose to have a concrete truck come in and pour the foundation. This is a key price jump, but also worth every penny if you do not have the experience or the equipment to work with concrete. The price for your DIY shed can vary greatly depending on how much experience and equipment you already have. 

Plan, Plan, Plan, and Then Plan Some More

Before the first ounce of concrete is poured or the first load of wood or steel is delivered be sure to go over all your plans to save you time and money in the long run. The fact is that when it comes to DIY building projects (and professional building as well) you have to expect the unexpected and be ready to solve issues as they arise. 

It is not uncommon for a DIY builder to do the project in stages, and this is fine as long as you plan and keep track of where you are at between work bursts. Going by a specific blueprint and starting from the foundation up are both key factors. Once you get the building dried in with a basic roof and four walls then you can start working on the details of the interior if you need specific features outside a basic dry space for storage. Remember, you do not have to do the project all at once as long as you are meticulous about your plans and keeping track of where you left off in the blueprints. 

If you are interested in how to build a residential shed, we are happy to help you with these tips, and feel free to browse our site for inspiration on the best ideas to make a residential shed. If you decide you would like to hire a company to come in and take care of it for you, then rest assured you will still have as much input and control over the outcome of your residential shed as if you built it yourself. Minus the hassle of actually having to do the work. 

Browse our site for some of the best ideas to build a shed, and contact us if you have any questions about a specific design or model. Inspira BUILD is proud to serve Perth and Western Australia with the quality construction of sustainable custom-designed homes, granny flats, residential sheds, and commercial buildings. We want you to be able to achieve your home and garden goals whether that means building your residential shed yourself or contracting us to save you from the hassle. As long as the end result is a sturdy, sustainable, attractive building that serves the intended purpose, and looks great next to your home. Call us today for more information about our services. 


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