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Granny flat design floor plans

A Granny Flat Can Be The Coziest Home With The Best Granny Flat Plans

If you are looking for the best granny flat plans ideas and inspiration, check out our options. We have a variety of quality Granny Flat plans to help make your home an oasis for the extended family without breaking the bank or pushing the boundaries of privacy. Granny Flats are common additions that are used for a variety of purposes including a space for the elderly in your life to call their own, while still being close enough to take care of. Many people use these as home offices, art or music studios, teen areas, guest suits, and even rentals. Whether you need a creative space to work, a place for your loved ones to stay, or anything in between, we can help you bring the perfect space into reality in your own yard. 

At Inspira Build we offer a full in-house design and construction package, so you do not have to do much aside from dream of your perfect space and let us know what to include in our build of the Best Granny flat plans designs and ideas. You may discover you are pleasantly surprised at how simple the process is with us. 

Common Questions About Adding A Granny Flat To The Property:

  • Is It Worth Building A Granny Flat? The answer will vary depending on your situation. However, if you are considering a Granny Flat in the first place it is likely because you already know how valuable the extra space will be for you. A granny flat allows the perfect combination of freedom, comfort, privacy, and safety.  Exactly what it will add to the property value depends on too many factors to calculate an exact number, but it will increase the value of your home for resale purposes. 
  • What Design Options Are Available? Browse our blueprint plans, and check out our previous work images. An plan page. You will get a feel for the options we offer. We are flexible and open to your ideas when it comes to creating the perfect small building. 
  • What Are The Best Granny Flat Plans? We offer a lot of premium granny flat home plan designs. Check out all of our offerings, and if you would like a modification it may be an easy fix. The best Granny Flat plan is the one that fits the needs of your family. 
  • Can My Granny Flat Have Accessibility Features? Yes. If you need wider entrances, wheelchair ramps, or other features let us know during the planning stage. 

Three Design Elements To Consider As You Browse The Best Granny Flat Plans Ideas

  • Materials — If you choose materials and exterior colors that perfectly match or expertly complement your existing home you will discover that the flat blends right in as if it were always there. 
  • Roof Height and Angles — Before the ground is broken for new construction make sure that your planned roof does not interrupt a subtle but vital feature of your skyline. You may be surprised how many people do not notice a view until they build above it. 
  • Privacy — Do the windows of the granny flat look right into a key part of the home? Are you met with uncomfortable views if the curtains are open? Plan window views beforehand to make sure everyone can get the best of your yard. 

There are many options you may not have considered yet. For example, do you want a lay-out with a single bedroom and open concept tiny kitchen and entertaining area? Or will your needs be better suited with a two bedroom model, so the resident can enjoy grandkids or other guests if they want to sleep over? Many people do not even realize that two bedrooms, lofts, and stylish porches are all options for their “tiny home” granny flats. 

If you are ready to add extra space to your home with the optimal privacy of an unattached flat check out our many options and schedule a consultation. We look forward to designing and building the granny flat you have in mind. At Inspira Build you will discover the best granny flat plans ideas and designs to take your tentative plans and turn them into a home for whatever your needs are at the time. 


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