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Scyon walling and flooring


Are you building and want to create a particular look for the exterior? Or lay a new floor? Or do you want to change the look of a room in our home? Scyon flooring and walling are the perfect way to go.

What are Scyon walls and floors?

Scyon produces walling and flooring panels that are made from lightweight concrete and composite material. They are durable and easy to install and can be used on both walls and floors.

What is Scyon flooring?

Scyon flooring is used as a substrate for flooring. The panels are laid over an existing floor. If the building being erected is new, then the underlying floor will most likely be a concrete slab. Covering this with the Scyon flooring panels gives the floor a particular look and feel. It also protects the underlying flooring.

In an older building, Scyon flooring can be laid over an existing floor, to change the feel and color of a room.

Scyon flooring gives the floor a solid impression but is not the same weight or cost as concrete. It’s also easier to handle than concrete, because it is 15% lighter.

What is a wall cladding?

A wall cladding is a material that covers the walls of a building. It gives a house a new and/or specific look. It also protects the outside and even inside of a building. You may look for a wooden feeling for your house, or a more industrial feel.

Cladding can protect against extremes in weather, fire, pests and pollutants. It also has a noise-retarding effect. When you choose a cladding, you should consider your budget, prevailing climate and the environment.

Scyon wall and flooring advantages

Scyon wall and flooring advantages are linked to the fact that the panels are lightweight, but durable and are a strong option, wherever you use them. The UV coating specifically protects them from the harsh sun.

Both the floor and wall panels can be cut easily so that they fit a particular space. They can also be nailed or screwed to frames, which means less hassle and a shorter time in installation.

The Scyon wall and flooring advantages include them being available in a variety of finishes, which will give your house a different look. As they are all compatible, you can mix and match the styles.

The panels click into each other with tongue and groove joints, which means they overlap. This helps to make them waterproof.

Advantages of Scyon walling

Scyon walling is quick to install, so saves on overall building time and cost. Building with bricks and mortar means that the walls are relatively thick. Scyon wall panels are much thinner than this width, so effectively the rooms in your home will have a larger floor area.

The panels are all pre-primed, so you can paint them immediately, without wasting time preparing them. They contain a high percentage of acrylic sealers and have a high fire rating and meet the important bushveld requirements.

Advantages of using Scyon flooring

When the Scyon flooring has been installed, it will protect all different types of floors. All the panels are waterproof, because they are sealed with a moisture-resistant substance on all sides. Where vinyl may be laid under tiles or another flooring, this is not necessary when using Scyon flooring. This means they can easily be used in the kitchen and bathroom.

Scyon floors can be used in any area of your home. They are low maintenance, so cleaning them will be easy and quick. They can also take the same load as a concrete slab, because they are reinforced by an internal mesh.

Ideas for using Scyon walling and flooring

You could use the panels to cover an exterior deck, as they will resist the elements and keep the look of the deck easily. Because they are waterproof, you could add a spa pool, so that you can relax and enjoy the water, without having to worry about destroying the surface of the deck.

Use the wall panels on the interior to create a feature wall. If you clad a whole room, then it will add to the acoustics, by absorbing more of the sound.


The unique composition of Scyon wall and floor panels gives you the opportunity to decrease the cost and timeframe of building. They are lightweight and durable and can be used on any horizontal or vertical surface in your home, which gives you the chance to be really creative.


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