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What size shed can build on residential land in Victoria?

Before you construct your shed, you’ll need to make sure to design it within size limits. Before you proceed, make sure you obtain the required planning permit.

Building Requirements

If you want to build a unit that covers at least 100 square metres, you will probably need a planning permit. Note, however, that these regulations do not pertain to habitation spaces. For instance, this may not apply to home offices, studios or pool houses.

Regulations about shed sizes pertain to these outbuilding types:

  • Barns
  • Sheds
  • Stables
  • Storage
  • Garages
  • Carports

Size requirements may different in General Residential, Township or Mixed Use Zones. For instance, areas in South Gippsland don’t require permits in lot areas of less than 300 square metres. You can request assistance from a building surveyor, who will tell you whether you have enough room for the size shed that you want to add to your property.

Building Requirements

A shed must stand far enough away from other buildings on the property. It also must remain separate from combustible fuel storage sources. The unit you build must also not interfere with your neighbors or block vision for people passing in vehicles or on foot or in a bicycle. Moreover, you must place your shed on level ground. Sloping should be minimal.

Planning Versus Building Permits

Again, not all Australian regions may have the same requirements. Remember, the planning permit and building permit are different. You might need both, which is another reason to verify the size of your unit. You generally need the building permit for units at least 10 square metres, but you should contact your local authorities to find out what they recommend.

Why Size Of Shed Is Important Before Building

You must confirm that it will fit in the area where you plan to construct it. Otherwise, you could cause safety hazards. You might not have enough room for walking around it, for example. In addition, your outbuilding requires room around it for placing the foundation without trespassing on neighboring properties.

Accidents on motorways also could occur if your building is placed too close to where people drive. Moreover, you will need space for parking your vehicles and a motorist exit path.

Of course, you need to make sure you have enough room in it for the items you want to store. You can place gardening and lawn tools, power equipment and other construction tools in it, for example. Here are other reasons why the size of the shed is important before building.

  • Room for vehicles – When building a carport, the garage door needs to be wide and tall enough. Otherwise, you risk scratching the paint off your vehicle surface.
  • Room for door – Positioning also matters, by the way. However, you also need room to open and close the door. You don’t want to find out you cannot even access or store your items just because you cannot open the door.
  • No interference – Measuring the space and making sure your shed will fit also prevents interference from people traffic that may pass by your unit.
  • Space for lawn maintenance – The proper shed size will allow for space all around it, including the back. Make it wide enough to fit your lawn mower through it if you want to trim the grass behind the outbuilding.
  • Fire prevention – Shed size matters because you want to prevent nearby brush fires. This especially pertains to times when you have gas-powered tools stored in it that maybe would accidentally start in storage. You also want enough separation between buildings to safeguard against fires.
  • Design matching – It benefits you if the size of your shed, garage, barn or other outbuilding matches in proportion with other structures on the property. This meets municipal appearance requirements.

Additional Storage Shed Advice

Make sure you plan for enough space in it to store your belongings. In addition, consider customizations such as shelves, cabinets, or tables you would use to organize each item. Furthermore, you should have enough lighting in it and around it, which will keep you safe if you try to access equipment or supplies after dark.

Climate also matters. If you have items that might not withstand low or high temperatures, you will need to install the insulation appropriate for an AU location climate zone. Research extensively to find out how to protect your belongings, especially if you plan to store flower bulbs, seeds or other food in it. Make sure you also choose durable but breathable materials too.


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